The 360⁰ Freedom 

How does The Eating Freely 360⁰ Freedom Program Work?

Eating Freely is a highly structured program with loads of supports included to help you get on track, and stay on track – physically, mentally and emotionally.

The first step to take is a free online consultation with an Eating Freely Therapist so you can have a no obligation chat to see if our program is right for you.

Once you have signed up, you will be linked with your Personal Eating Freely Therapist to work with you face to face - and this can be in person, or online if we do not currently have an Eating Freely Therapist in your area. You will attend your first 4-6 sessions weekly

After each session you attend, you will receive an email containing a video which will remind you of the theme of your session, and a downloadable version of whatever exercise or tool your Therapist gave you that week.

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In Week two, you will also attend your first session with your Eating Freely Nutritional Therapist - this can be face to face or online. You'll begin your gut rehabilitation program and get your personalised 'Eating Plan for Life' during this session.

After 4-6 sessions attending weekly, you will be seeing positive changes in how you are eating, a reduction in bingeing and you will be starting to feel a lot better. You will then move to fortnightly sessions, giving you more time between sessions to put your learning into practice.

Around week 8, you'll have a second session with your Eating Freely Nutritional Therapist to make sure you can stay on track with Eating Freely, and make any necessary changes to your individual program based on your own requirements. We take your recovery very personally!

You’ll also have access to our Secret Facebook Group for additional support from other program participants, and Eating Freely Therapists to answer questions, give feedback etc.

Your 'No more diets' resolution

What a gift to give yourself this year, the gift of true freedom around food, forever!

The problem has never been that you just cannot stick to a diet, or you just haven't found the right diet, the problem IS dieting.

Dieting sets you up for a 'deprivation' mindset, the feeling of 'I can't have...' or even 'I don't deserve...';

Dieting tells you every single hour of every day that you are "not good enough" the way you are;

Dieting reduces your entire self-worth to a number - on a scale, or a label;

Dieting triggers bingeing and overeating. Fact!

Dieting never works long term. If it did, you wouldn't have to keep going on a diet!

It is time to accept the fact that there is more to your failure to diet and your emotional and binge eating than just lack of willpower. It is far more connected to how you feel about yourself, and when in your past you learned how to eat to 'self-soothe'. 

When you unpack all of this with a trained professional, and get the correct professional support from a Registered Nutritional Therapist to rehabilitate your gut, and your relationship with food - that is when you'll see true, permanent change.

What will the Program Cover?

The Eating Freely Freedom 360⁰ Program is unique in that employs a combination of CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), Nutritional Therapy, Neuroscience and Mindfulness throughout the program to give you a great toolbox of resources you can begin using straight away, and continue to build on after we finish our work together.

CBT Tools and Resources

We give you concrete, usable tools that help you significantly reduce bingeing, emotional eating and overeating episodes;

Nutritional Rehabilitation

The Program also includes two sessions with an Eating Freely Nutritional Therapist. When you eat the way our clients eat over a period of years, it inevitably impacts your gut which contributes hugely to the ‘brain fog’, lack of motivation, low mood and completely skewed hunger/not hungry cues.  Your individualised plan will reset your gut, body and brain, so you feel much better, physically and mentally, within as little as 2-3 weeks.  Later in the program you will have a follow-up session to develop your new Eating Plan for Life... and not a diet in sight!

Neuroscience Education

We will teach you how your brain works, why it can be your worst enemy when trying to change or break bad, unhealthy and unhelpful habits, and how you can break free of both your old behaviours, and dial down that negative, critical voice in your head;

Mindfulness and Deep Self-compassion

Mindfulness and Deep Self Compassion bring you back into the present moment where you can choose to behave differently, challenge your unhelpful thoughts, learn how to calm yourself and reduce anxiety. This helps to reduce episodes of emotional eating and bingeing, and changes the 'mind chatter' from criticism, to compassion.

This truly is a unique opportunity to finally break free from the cycle of restricted/diet led eating, and bingeing/overeating, and finally learn how to eat well, with no deprivation, in a way that truly supports health, wellbeing and weight loss in a very healthy, sustainable way.

What is my Investment?

1. You choose to make a commitment to yourself that this year is the year you finally 'do the work' and break free from binge eating, emotional eating and 'Serial Dieting' FOREVER. You commit to investing the time and personal energy into that work - looking at yourself and what is not working, challenging your habits and 'autopilots', and re-learning how to eat properly, nutritiously and without deprivation.

2. You book your free online consultation with a specialist, Eating Freely Therapist, to find out more, ask your questions and ensure that Eating Freely is the correct choice for you.

3. The fee for our program includes 12 one to one sessions of 1 hour each with one of our Specialist Eating Freely Therapists, two sessions with your Eating Freely Nutritional Therapist for your personal gut rehabilitation plan and Eating Plan for Life, lifetime access to our online program and resources and 24/7 support through the Secret Facebook Group for participants - personally moderated by Emma Murphy, Founder & Clinical Director of Eating Freely. You can expect to be working with your Eating Freely Therapists for about 18 - 20 weeks in total, and will continue to have online support after you finish your face to face sessions. Our fees in your currency are available below, and we have broken them down into 3 easy instalments for you.

If this causes your body to contract with 'fear'.... ask yourself this:

How much have I spent over the years on diets, personal trainers, gym memberships, food plans, weight loss plans, supplements etc... with no permanent success?

How many of the above 'solutions' focused only on 'dieting', with no emotional or real psychological support?

If you have tried counselling before, how experienced were they in disordered eating, did they help you address your bingeing and emotional eating, or did they just focus on the 'presenting issue' - leaving you stuck in your unhelpful behaviours around food?

Eating Freely is different. Offered only by qualified, experienced Counsellors and Psychotherapists, and endorsed by both the IACP / ACA and *Health Insurers, we work alongside you to disentangle food from your feelings, and the present from the past, leaving you free to get on with your life.  Eating Freely will give you back control. Control of your feelings, control around food, and far more control of that currently unhelpful, unruly Inner Critic of yours!

*In the Republic of Ireland Both LAYA Healthcare and Irish Life Health (certain eligible policies) will rebate part of the fee for this program.


Our Pricing 


3x instalments of €499.00

Total €1,497.00

US Dollars

3x instalments of $575.00

Total $1,725.00

Australian Dollars

3x instalments of $799.00

Total $2,397.00

UK Sterling

3x instalments of £475.00

Total £1,425.00

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