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We deliver professionally approved, specialist training for mental health professionals who want to work with adults struggling with Binge Eating Disorder and Bulimia, and provide ongoing support to our Practitioners to grow a thriving, stress-free practice.

Thanks for registering your interest in the Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner Network.  You should have already received your full Information Pack by email, and on this page we are delighted to help you learn more about who we are and what we do.  If you have not already received/downloaded the information pack,  You will find a link to it at the bottom of the page.

Eating Freely - The World's Leading Network of Binge Eating Specialists

Eating Freely is about so much more than just training to work with clients with Binge Eating Disorder and Bulimia.  Our goal is to create a genuine, compassion led movement that supports both all our Clients AND our therapists to not just survive, but to thrive.  

Why Join Us?

Eating Freely is the world's leading network of Binge Eating Disorder and Bulimia Specialists.  Binge Eating Disorder and Bulimia are two recognised Eating Disorders (DSM-V, 2013) and clients require specialist intervention from a trained professional in order to successfully overcome years of disordered eating, the accompanying distress and the underlying trauma that goes with it.

Most professional organisations identify Eating Disorders as a specialist area that require advanced training under their Professional Competency Guidelines, that is why we have secured or are in the process of securing CPD points from professional organisations in every jurisdiction where we offer our program.

What does the Training for Licensees Include?

We provide a comprehensive package of training and support for all of our Licensees.  Here is a brief summary:

Four-Day Induction Program

New Licensees are invited to a four-day induction course which incorporates full training in our Eating Freely Program model as well as all the tools and resources you need to work with clients.

This in-person classroom induction and learning is followed up with a further two half days of group online training. 

Generous CPD points for our training:

If you are ready to take the next step in your professional development and join our Specialist Network, then simply book your call with me to go through the eligibility criteria and next steps.

Our training carries significant CPD points from the IACP in Ireland and the ACA in Australia.  We are currently in the process of securing CPD points/CE Hours in the UK and the USA.

Comprehensive training in marketing:

Expert training in how to market yourself locally as a Specialist Therapist in Binge Eating Disorder and Bulimia, plus all the branded marketing materials you need to do so. 

Training in the business of therapy: 

Not all Therapists are naturally good administrators! Part of our training gives practical support in how to put systems and some easy to use software in place to make your life a whole lot easier and less stressful.  We believe that by supporting our therapists in being successful, we will reach more clients who need our help. And when you make a good living from your chosen work… that’s when you are participating in a wonderful circle of mutual reciprocity with your clients. The better you are at what you do and how you do it, the more clients you can support.

Protected catchment area: 

We guarantee you access to a limited geographical territory, and will only award a certain number of licenses in any given area to ensure all Practitioners receive regular referrals and can build a successful practice through our network. 

Brand Awareness Raising

We fully support all of our Therapists with our centralised online marketing function for Eating Freely worldwide which means:

a) We will link your website with ours so potential clients in your area can easily contact you from our website;

b) We use geo-targeted ads for Google to raise awareness of where our Therapists are located;

c) We will provide full training in how to successfully convert suitable enquiries into clients, and how to streamline your online presence and social media so your affiliation to Eating Freely International and therefore your implied expertise is clear to your followers/potential clients.

Ongoing support from Eating Freely HQ: 

We provide comprehensive ongoing support too:

- Online Peer Group Supervision;

- Annual CPD points for attending our yearly event for all Eating Freely Practitioners, plus Year 2 CPD training in Working with Groups and Running Workshops - both of which can really increase your revenue;

- An online community of Therapists to tap into via the Therapists Only Online Portal;

Plus, if you have your own issues with food, we will support you with that too – many of our Therapists are drawn to this training out of their own struggles with food – so we get it and we are happy to help.

Book an Call with Emma 

Learn More about the Eating Freely Model of Treatment

Watch My Online Masterclass to Learn More

Would you like to know more about the Eating Freely Program and how it works for clients?  I've recorded a Masterclass for Therapists to give you a full outline of how our Eating Freely Program works for clients.  It's an hour-long class, so grab a drink, a pen and paper, and watch when you are ready.

Meet Emma Murphy MIACP

I'm Emma Murphy, the creator of the Eating Freely Program and now CEO/Clinical Director of Eating Freely Limited, and I'd like to explain why I am so passionate about developing Eating Freely into the World's Leading Network of Binge Eating Specialists.

My first supervisor once told me, "You get the clients you need".  As a newly minted Psychotherapist I did not really understand what this meant, but over time I got it.   From the very first day  back at college at the age of 30 starting my psychology degree, I had always been drawn to working with disordered eating - writing essays on the subject, researching it and reading all around every aspect of it.

I believed at the time that my interest stemmed from what I can only call pity - feeling sorry for anyone who could not fully enjoy food or any social event revolving around food - because I myself LOVE food! I love good food, good wine, good company, and I am a pretty good cook too.

The Disordered Eating Personality Type

But over time, my supervisor's words began to make more sense to me. I have never had an eating disorder, but oh boy do I share the personality type that goes with disordered eating!  Perfectionistic, all-or-nothing thinker, very black/white, all up in my head/cognitive, and with a constant negative critical voice running inside my head.  I had more than a touch of the 'people pleasing' habit too - although I was ambitious and enjoyed challenging myself in work, I could be strangely unassertive and afraid to upset others in a lot of situations.

'You get the clients you need' for me reflects the truth that I AM my clients!  As Therapists, we all are.  Whether you say "If you spot it, you got it", or you simply wonder with colleagues how it is that clients synchronistically keep turning up with issues and presenting problems that strangely mirror stuff going on in your own life... that's the underlying energy surrounding this wonderful, challenging, fascinating, exhausting vocational work we do.

Doing Good vs Over-Giving

So many Therapists come to this work out of a genuine sense of wanting to do good. And I myself am all about that - I want to do as much good and help as many people as I can for as long as I am working.  I believe that is my destiny - what I am here to do.

BUT, too many Therapists believe that they should give away their time and training for low fees, that we should not be 'greedy' or 'commercial', that we should help as many people as we can at the expense of our own health and wellbeing, or our own financial stability, or even at the expense of our own families and friends - over-giving and under-charging, experiencing compassion fatigue and burnout, and finding it very difficult to say no, have good boundaries about being paid well and on time, etc.

I know, because I have been there. A combination of the 'do-good' mentality of not being 'greedy' and helping anyone who needed it, along with much older, deeper subconscious scripts and messages from childhood about money, scarcity, having to 'work hard for money', or that people with too much money without appearing to have to work really hard for it must be doing something wrong/illegal or be on the take in some way... it was all combining to keep me stuck in a not-great place of working too hard, giving too much and getting too little back.

Let's Get Real...

In a supervision session in 2016, I was reflecting about all of this, and more practically on the feeling I had that I was badly stuck.  Had I stayed in the corporate world of small business development instead of re-training in psychology, where might I be now? Had I stayed in the hospital I began my current career in, where would I be now? At what clinical level? On what pay grade?  Why were all Psychotherapists in Ireland pretty much charging the same fee, regardless of how experienced they were, or what area of expertise they worked in?

My (second) supervisor listened to me offloading, and then he simply said "Emma, in the absence of anyone above you offering you a promotion, you need to promote yourself.  If you could be promoted right now, what would you want to be promoted to, what do you want to do?"

Well, that was an easy question to answer - I would teach or train other Therapists!  This is what I have always loved most - working with groups of clients facilitating the group version of my program, presenting and supervising the trainee therapists at our centre - I loved all of that work.

Fast Forward to 2019

In the past three years, I've taken a whole heap of steps to bring us to where you find us today.  I invested in training and completed a year long business mastermind program to get to grips with the business of therapy. I invested in myself AND my business by taking another year long training program in self-compassion and self-acceptance, learning how to get out of my head and come into my heart and my intuition.  And then I took a leap of faith and trained two of the Therapists in our centre in my Eating Freely Program.  They loved it, and their clients also loved it.  I subsequently trained four groups of Therapists - the first Eating Freely Therapists, here in Ireland - and a group of Nutritional Therapists.

We are now seeing tremendous results with our clients through the time limited, structured Eating Freely Program, and we want to bring it to YOU, so you too can achieve great results, for a fair fee, without getting stressed out, burnt out or just wanting to get out of therapy because it's just too damn hard sometimes!  It is an absolute privilege to do the work we do, but we must first and foremost look after ourselves, so we can then fully attend to the needs of others in both our professional and personal lives.  "You cannot fill a cup from an empty jug".... remember that!

If you are ready to take the next step in your professional development and join our Specialist Network, then simply book your call with me to go through the eligibility criteria and next steps.

Book an Call with Emma 

The Eating Freely Ethos

We take great care of our Therapists, so they can take great care of our clients.

We are a community of therapists and clients, all united in our desire to live our best lives, and support everyone else in the network to do the same.

We empower people to let go of their past with understanding, forgiveness and gratitude, so they can move on to live their OWN desired future.

We have an incredible opportunity right now to make a significant difference.  Binge Eating Disorder and Bulimia need to be understood, recognised and talked about as part of the current focus on obesity-related health and wellbeing initiatives.  Raising awareness and offering specialist support is our over-arching goal, but every Therapist in our network gets to make a significant difference in the lives of their clients, and community, every day - without compromising themselves or selling themselves short. 

We don't take ourselves too seriously - it is VERY important to let our hair down and have some Irish inspired 'Craic' every now and then, that's why we will gather as a group annually to celebrate our community and contribution together!

2020 Training Dates and Fees

Your first four Eating Freely Clients will fully re-coup your Year 1 Fee at the early bird or group rate!

So now that you know a bit more about us, take the next step and book a call with me to chat it all through and see if joining the Licensed Therapist Eating Freely Network is the right decision for you.

If you have not already received/downloaded our information pack,  just click on the image to open/download it.


© 2019 Eating Freely 

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